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The key to successful surveillance is teamwork. It is important to gather and share as much information as possible with the case manager, not just upon initial referral but throughout the entire surveillance process. Timely communication is imperative regardless of method i.e. phone calls, emails, etc. Alongside effective budgets for successful outcomes. Continuing to obtain information and relaying it promptly results in effective plan of actions with great results.

Lemieux & Associates has provided this atmosphere, allowing for extremely favorable results in almost every single case we have worked on to date.

Sally, Meriden, CT

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Mike Calnan, Deanna Sharnick who handled the rush referral, and the entire crew that worked on a recent referral for me. In the past, I had referred a few cases to Lemieux and Associates for surveillance but unfortunately surveillance efforts were unsuccessful. I recently decided to allow Lemieux another chance for a couple of our suspected FMLA abuse cases. I made a very short-notice referral to Lemieux and Associates (surveillance was never conducted on this case prior) and within an hour, your company had an investigator on scene capturing video of the employee. Mike Calnan was instrumental in making this happen as he responded immediately to my request and contacted several investigators until he found one that was available to do the work. Mike did the same thing the very next day! Two business days following that surveillance, I had a complete report emailed to me (inclusive of a link to the complete footage) and three business days later I had 3 copies of the DVD in hand!!

I cant express in words how refreshing it is to experience such exceptional customer service and I extend my sincere gratitude to you and your staff. Thank you!!!

Julie, New York, NY

Just wanted to recount a terrific exchange with Jhon Camacho on the in-progress case. I had some questions about the set-up and some issues Jhon and I were trying to work through. Jhon was able to communicate to my company IPhone through FaceTime to show me the set up. It was an outstanding use of real time technology by your investigator. Its led to a significant breakthrough on this case!

Great Job!

Ray, Miami, FL

I did speak with Nikki and told her how satisfied I was with your Company's work, so I am glad to hear they will give you their business. No thanks needed - you and your fellow employees work very hard to give us such a good product that really it speaks for itself. Overall, I am very happy, especially with Mike Batten...

Brenda, Tampa, FL

George, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy working with your company! Bob Reese and Mike Calnan are the top performers in my book! They both are very professional and very easy for work with. We all have a very solid relationship and that makes my job so much easier!! Your company are always willing to go the "extra step" that most surveillance companies would not do. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate working with you!

Anita, Parsippany, NJ

You folks are super-efficient. We really appreciate all of your hard work. Have a great weekend.

Julie, Client